Sick of shakes? Tired of counting points? Allow us to help you achieve your ideal weight through a unique method called NeuroAssist.

How it works:

The NeuroAssist method of weight loss was developed by physicians at the University of Minnesota, and works with your brain chemistry to suppress appetite. Scientifically speaking, we use amino acids to create neurotransmitters, or the bridges that connect the wires in your brain. Without adequate neurotransmitters, you may feel depressed, hungry or anxious. By raising these levels, we adjust your appetite without any unpleasant side effects.

The program requires the following commitments in order to be successful and safe:

  1. You must take the supplements as they are prescribed.
  2. You must follow the recommended calorie-restricted diet.
  3. You must keep your follow-up appointments.
  4. You must check your urine each day for ketones, which will be explained to you during your first appointment.

Of note exercise is encouraged, but not required for this program’s success. Exercise is more important from a weight maintenance aspect once goal weight is achieved. I encourage each person to exercise, but it is not mandatory for weight loss success.

What about exercise?

Exercise is encouraged, but not required for this program’s success. It’s more important for weight maintenance once your goal weight is achieved.