“Keep in mind that any lifestyle change is a “work in progress” and lasting changes take time.”

Set small goals that are easy to add to your daily life and that YOU can take charge of.  Wellness and fitness involve being aware and making choices like being active, eating healthy and improving your emotional well being. This is the most important investment you can make in your life. Strive for the best health you can have in all areas of your life by making mindful, healthy choices. Remember health is a state of mind and body.

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

We all feel stressed at times. How you react to stress will determine its effect on you. Take steps to prevent stress when you can and manage it when you can’t.

Taking Care of You

It is important to be mindful of the choices you make for your personal health and well being. Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself. Set aside time every day for YOU—be active, enjoy hobbies and share time with your family and friends.

  • Strive for balance in both your personal and work life.
  • Make time for important relationships in your life.
  • Ask for help whenever you need support from others.
  • Find ways to relieve stress, like physical activity and relaxation techniques.
  • Be open-minded to try something new, like a hobby or activity.
  • Talk to your family doctor, who can provide resources and advice when you need it.

Be Your Own Expert

A Real Approach to Eating

  • Balance – Balance what you eat to meet your need for nutrition and enjoyment.
  • Variety – Enjoy all kinds of foods while keeping the key food groups in mind (like fruits & vegetables, lean sources of protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains).
  • Moderation – Focus on feeling comfortable instead of being too full after you eat. Use moderation when choosing less nutritious foods.

Think About it

Using a food & activity journal to help you understand your eating patterns and find ways to make some simple, healthy changes. Ask your family doctor about how to get started.

Source: FamilyDoctor.org, Medi-Health.com


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