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Welcome to Sugar Land Wellness and Weight Loss, where we treat not just symptoms, but people.
We take a whole-body approach to delivering top-quality medical care, which means we take time to
understand your needs, and seek to find the root cause of your health issue.
Weight Loss

Tired of counting points? Allow us to help you achieve your ideal weight through a unique method called NeuroAssist.

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Medi Health

Medi Health is clinically proven. Developed by a physician, it's been recommended by doctors

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PRP Injection

PRP Regenerative Therapy stimulates healing through injection of one’s own growth factors into affected areas.

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Like many of us who diet and exercise, you may still have bulging areas of fat in the abdomen, hips and thighs.

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  • Dr. Alford’s program allowed me to make healthy choices and really stick to a diet without getting hungry. I love that there are no injections, just a balanced dose of all-natural amino acids. He diagnosed me with folic acid deficiency, which helps control mood and appetite. I’ve lost 33 pounds over the last eight weeks, and I’m confident I’ll lose more. Dr. Alford told me it would take about a year to lose 100 pounds, and knowing we’re doing it the smart and responsible way really makes me trust the program. He’s changed my health for the better…and that’s really changed my life!

    Karen, 40 years old, Houston
  • When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see the woman I used to be, or the woman I wanted to be. I needed a big life change. Dr. Alford was my primary care physician, so I signed up for his weight loss program. In six months I’ve lost over 60 pounds and feel fabulous! I thought since I was in my 50s my metabolism had just come to a halt, but Dr. Alford and his staff gave me the support and direction I needed to turn things around. They were always there through every weigh-in, and the occasional slip up to get me right back on track. I’m almost ready to transfer to the maintenance program, and feel great! This is one change I’ll keep for life!

    Mary, 54 years old, Houston